British marriage visa – costs

British marriage visa - costs

Wife’s visa to the UK is expensive!
Do not be alarmed by the cost of our services for these categories of visas, namely packages for 500 euros/1000 euros, as this is nothing compared to the consular fee you have to pay for these categories of visas – 1863 euros, which, of course, non-refundable in case of refusal. In addition to the consular fee you will also have to pay the following costs

Tuberculosis test (cost about $120, valid for 6 months),
English language test. The period of validity, read expiration date of the certificate is 2 years. Here the final cost depends on your existing level of English, and whether you will need to further prepare for the exam (ie add the cost of training courses or classes with a tutor). Just the cost of passing the test in the internationally licensed center starts from $189. U.S.. Add to that a minimum of $ 100. There is also a medical fee (or “health fee”) on top of the test.
The so-called “medical fee” (Immigration Health Surcharge), which is about 2100 euros (as of November 2020). It is worth noting that this fee, unlike the consular fee, is returned to the applicant in case of denial of a visa, but…
Now let’s arm ourselves with a calculator, a calendar, and common sense and imagine the picture:

went to an English prep course – paid for it,
took the IELTS, paid for it,
got certified in tuberculosis – paid for it,
filled out the form – paid the consular fee and the medical fee.
Total, by the most conservative estimate, 4,200 euros, plus time, plus nerves, plus, most likely, your spouse is in the UK, because he has a job. And you here in Ukraine, are you going to do it all yourself? Or trust the pseudo professionals who learn about the requirements for British visas from the pages of our site, which have their sites and / or in their feeds Instagram posted articles copied from us! Is this the kind of visa support you want?

And if you are applying with a child! And if you decide to pay for urgent review of documents – there is an official service that instead of three months your documents were reviewed in 3 weeks. But, omitting all these ifs, let’s just take 4200 euros.

In 2020, the cost of our services in obtaining a visa for your wife in the UK starts at 500 euros when applying for a visa in Ukraine / Russia or any other country outside the UK, and from 750 euros – when applying for a second visa for your wife already in the UK. Yes, we provide this service as well. The fact is that the shortest way to obtain UK citizenship is the naturalization process. And to start this process you need to live in the UK for the last 5 years. Total minimum required to live in the UK for 5 years, and the wife’s visa is issued for just over 2.5 years, so, in any case, you will need to get a second visa for wife, being directly in the UK. And we can help in this, but this is a completely different story, other requirements, and the cost of our services is different (for more information, see page Second visa for wives in the UK “). It is likely that from 2022 the cost of our services for all visas for wife/spouse will increase, so do not delay!

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