British marriage visa with temporary leave to remain 2021

British marriage visa

Getting married in the UK for people with Temporary Leave to Remain

This page is for people who want to get married in the U.K. and neither of the applicants has permanent resident status or British citizenship. This category includes, for example, people who are in the UK under one of the Point Based System categories or another long-term category (excluding visitor categories).

Foreigners can register their marriages at any Register Office in the UK.

Getting married in a church

A couple can get married in a church. In the UK, this can be done in the Anglican Church in England or Wales. Such a marriage will be considered valid. The UK Border Agency does not recognize other types of religious marriages, i.e. such marriages will not be considered valid.

Getting married at your country’s embassy

Under the Marriage Act 1994, marriages performed in the embassies of their respective countries are accepted as valid. A couple can contact their country’s embassy to see if they can help arrange the marriage or not. Sometimes this is very important because if the marriage is concluded at the embassy and depending on the immigration situation of the applicants, they may have the chance to apply to the UKBA for permission to issue a temporary leave to remain in the UK.

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