Documents for applying for a bride visa to the UK 2023

Documents for applying for a bride visa to the UK 2023

Ukrainian women applying for a bride visa to the UK must provide to the Visa Centre:

certificate confirming a negative test for tuberculosis;
results of the test confirming sufficient knowledge of English;
Documents confirming the presence of an English fiancé.
But certificates proving that the bride is closely connected with Ukraine is not necessary.

If the woman has children together or from previous marriages, you should provide their birth certificates. Groom Englishman provides the following documents:

ID card;
Certificate of income;
bank statement of account;
document confirming the place of residence;
a letter of invitation;
documents, which confirm the real relationship with the Ukrainian bride;
proof that the wedding ceremony is really planned and will take place.
After the wedding takes place in the UK, documents are submitted for a Wife’s Visa for the family to live together in the future.

The cost of a bride visa to the UK

Many people are interested in the question – how much does a fiancée visa to the UK cost? As of early 2023, the consular fee for a bride visa to the UK is €1,863. There is no medical fee for this visa category.

If a fiancée visa to the UK is refused, the consular fee is non-refundable. In order not to risk or waste time and money, it is recommended to apply to the professionals – Visa Consulting Group. Our company has been providing visa support for the citizens of Ukraine for more than thirteen years, so we have sufficient experience in this segment of services. On our site you can read reviews of those who without problems and from the first time got the cherished bride visa to Great Britain.

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