Documents for UK Spouse visa / Settlement visa

What kind of fiancée/wife visa to the UK do you need?
  1. A valid passport. One sheet in the passport must be blank, i.e. two blank pages to insert the visa. Passport must be valid for the entire period of stay in UK, e.g. travel period 20.07.2016 to 27.07.2016, expiry date of passport 28.07.2016.N.B! Wife/husband visa in UK opens for a period of 33 months with possibility of further extension in UK. It is possible to apply without passport (you need copies of all pages of your passport + show the original passport before submitting the documents to the BVC). Once the documents have been processed by the UK Embassy, it can take up to 2 weeks for the visa to be inserted. You can order additional paid service of urgent visa processing (visa can be processed in 15 working days, the UK embassy does not guarantee urgent processing of visa in case of additional checks of the applicant). Additional services of BVC.
  2. Previous passports. If available, it is recommended to enclose previous passports and colour copies to show the visa history to the officer.
  3. Completed application form. All information on the application form must be truthful.
  4. Original tuberculosis test. Where can I get a TB test for my Spouse /Settlement visa? The tuberculosis test is valid for a period of 6 months.
  5. Original English language certificate (at least CEFR A1).
  6. Payment of statutory health insurance (NHS) in the UK, for the duration of your stay in the UK. At the rate of £200 per annum. The calculation of the payment is rounded up and may be longer than the period of residence in the UK. NHS and IHS (Immigration Health Service Charge in the UK).
  7. Original bank statement and bank statement (on headed paper, showing account number, balance amount, bank stamp and bank contacts). In individual cases, a bank statement for the last 3-6 months is required. The bank statement and bank statement must be dated and signed, the period of validity of the statement is 28 days at the moment of submission to the British Visa Application Centre.
  8. Original reference from sponsor or applicant’s employment. Proof of employment on headed paper with contacts, job title, salary, date of employment. In individual cases we recommend enclosing a 2-NDFL certificate for the last 3-6 months. It is not recommended that CEOs and company owners sign the certificate themselves. The reference should be dated and signed + stamped and be valid for 28 days at the time of submission to the British visa application centre.
  9. Original marriage certificate.
  10. Original birth certificates for children (minor children and dependants). If available.
    Evidence of your relationship with your husband/wife. Photos of your wedding and other joint photos, proof of your personal meetings, common household, joint correspondence, letters, postcards.
  11. Copies of property documents (flat, house, land, car). If available.

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