Documents from the husband/wife in the UK:

uk marriage and spouse visa fee 2021
  1. Copy of the certified British passport of the husband/wife.
  2. A letter of invitation from your husband/wife. The letter should include details of when and where you met, how long your relationship has lasted, and your intention to live together in the UK. Explain the history of your relationship.
  3. Original signed form of sponsorship from husband/wife on Form SU07.
  4. Original UK work certificate from your husband/wife’s place of work, showing their salary. The certificate must be on headed paper with the husband/wife’s full name, date of issue, certified by the employer, signature and contacts. The minimum annual income must be at least ¬£18,600 (in some cases the amount in the account must be higher). If the UK party is not working, is a business owner or has other financial sources of income, a separate list of supporting documents for the wife/husband visa in the UK is drawn up for each visa case. A review of the application form, document verification and audit of your visa file is required.
  5. Original Payslips for the last 6 months.
  6. Original bank statement from the husband/wife’s personal account. Reference should be issued on the bank’s letterhead, indicating account number, name of account holder, date of statement, amount, and certified with the bank’s seal. The certificate should confirm information on availability of the required amount on the account. The reference should be valid for 28 days at the moment of its submission to the British Visa Application Centre. The visa officer will tell you exactly how much money you need to show in your spouse’s UK visa account. A document check and visa analysis is required.
  7. Property documents, for cohabitation in the UK with the husband/wife. Land registry papers, mortgage reports, lease agreement or certificate of ownership of residential property, property inspection certificate, receipts for utilities paid, for the most recent period.
  8. Original covering letters from all tenants living with your husband/wife in the UK. The letter must give details of your permission to live together in the UK.
  9. Your husband / wife’s marriage / divorce / death / childbirth certificates. If available.

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