Documents in UK to apply for a marriage visa for your spouse


As you might expect, for a visa with quite generous conditions, you will be required to provide a lot of documentary evidence. Most of this documentary evidence will be relationship-related and will be used as a way to verify their authenticity. The UK has historically had problems with so-called “sham marriages”. which has led to much stricter visa regulations related to relationships/marriages. As a result, you will have to prepare a significant amount of documentation.

In addition to documents relating to your relationship, you will also need to provide identifying information (such as passports), as well as documentation relating to your criminal history (if any), your financial situation and, depending on your specific situation, your health.
Below is a list of documents you will need to provide in order to obtain a spouse visa to the UK;
– Proof of relationship
– Your full name.
– Your date of birth
– Proof of English language requirements for spousal visa
– UK visa application form. You will need to complete a VAF4A form for a spousal visa.
– Previous passports.
– A valid passport, at least with a blank page to allow for the visa to be stamped.
– Two passport-sized color photographs that meet UK requirements.
– Proof of financial means.
– Details of any previous immigration applications, if any.
– Criminal record reference.
– Your national insurance number, if any.
– Date of birth and nationality of parents if your application is from outside the UK.
– Proof of residency .
– Biometric information. (Fingerprints and digital photo).
– Proof of payment of visa fees to spouse.

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