Documents required for a fiancée visa to the UK

uk marriage visa

The following documents are required to apply for a fiancée visa to the UK:

  • a completed questionnaire,
  • passport,
  • documents confirming payment of all marriage costs
  • documents confirming your wedding date
  • a copy of your future spouse’s passport
  • certificate of employment indicating your income. The certificate of employment must be on headed company letterhead and bear the stamp and signature of the director or accountant. It is also recommended that you take a 2NDFL certificate from your job. For non-working students – certificate from the institute.
  • hotel booking confirmation ( and other hotel aggregators will do).
    photocopy of birth certificates of underage children, even if they are not going with you.
    photocopy of non immovable property certificate (flat, car).
  • Three to six months’ bank statements. If it is not possible to provide a bank statement, then a reference from the bank about the availability of money in the card account or deposit.

if you are unemployed, you should provide your sponsor’s employment certificate, bank statement and sponsor’s letter.

For a visa, you will need a blank sheet (blank on both sides) in your passport. You will also need to provide a certified translation of any documents that are not in English or Welsh. Be prepared to provide other documents as well, depending on different circumstances.

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