Family (Family) visa for fiancé, spouse, partner, child of a settled person to the UK in 2023

Family (Family) visa for fiancé, spouse, partner, child of a settled person to the UK in 2023

A Bridal visa for 6 months and a Bridal visa for 2½ years for a spouse, partner or child to enter into marriage and join your spouse, partner or parent who is a British Citizen or Permanent Resident in the UK.

You are advised to seek a Family Visa.

You need a British Visa for a Child Dependent of a settled person if you are coming to the United Kingdom to marry a British citizen or resident of another nationality or to join your spouse, partner or parent who is a British citizen or resident of another nationality.

This visa allows you to enter and reside in the UK and apply for subsequent British visas.

A fiancée visa is issued for 6 months, during which time you will be required to marry and apply for a spouse visa. A spouse, partner, child relocation visa is issued for 2.5 years, after which you will need to apply for a second visa. You are entitled to apply for a British visa with your minor children. You will need a separate ‘Child Dependent of a settled person’ visa for them.

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Marriage Visitor Bride/Fiancé Visa.

If your purpose is to get married in the UK and then leave the UK (i.e. you do not plan to remain in the UK on this visa), you can apply for an English Marriage Visitor visa. This visa is issued for a period of 6 months.

Can you work or study on a Family (fiancé, groom, wife, spouse, partner) visa in the UK?
You can work in the UK on a Family (fiancée, wife, partner) visa. You do not have the right to work when you apply for a Family (fiancée or groom) visa. Once you change from a UK fiancée visa to a spouse visa, you may start working. When you apply for a family visa for a settled person in England, your child will be able to study in the UK.

British family visa after refusal.

Being refused a British visa is psychologically very unpleasant. Because one might have plans for a tourist trip at the very least, and at the very most a life together with a loved one, associated with this British visa. You can read about the visa after rejection here.

UK.Visas.Consulting principle on Family visas to England.
This type of visa is one of the most complex. After consultation, we send a list of documents in Russian and English based on each specific situation. The cost of this consultation is 5500 rubles. If you plan to continue working with us after this consultation, we will bill you for the remainder of our services, less consultation.

Processing times for Family visas to the UK.

It usually takes up to 90 days from submission of passport to the UK visa application centre to process your application for a Family visa for the UK. However, UK.Visas.Consulting often encounters situations where the Immigration Office delays the processing of the documents for a longer period of time.

How to check if your British Family visa is ready.

How long it takes to obtain a British visa for a fiancee, spouse, partner, child of a settled person.
While your family visa application is being processed, you can keep track of your visa decision readiness in the following ways

Waiting for an email to tell you that the decision to apply for a family visa for England has been made and you may collect your passport.
Using the paid telephone and letter services of the Immigration Office (


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