Fictitious Marriage in UK

Fictitious Marriage in UK

If a resident of a foreign country is not a citizen of an EU country, it is obligatory to notify the UK Immigration Service of his/her intention to register a marriage with an English citizen. In case of suspicion of a sham marriage, the Migration Service has the right to suspend the registration for 70 days.

In order to marry a foreigner to a resident of England, the foreigner will need to obtain a special fiancée visa to the UK. The issuance of such a visa is based solely on such grounds:

Living together for the past two years.
Submission of an application for marriage at the registry office.
A visa is not required for those migrants who have been residing in the territory of England for the last 6 months.

Today it has become very popular to enter into a fake marriage with residents of England in order to settle down in the UK. But remember that registration of a fake marriage can provoke expulsion from the country and even imprisonment.

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