Getting married in UK

Getting married in UK

Getting married in Great Britain is easy enough. But only for those who are residents and residents of the United Kingdom. Today, the number of foreigners who want to emigrate to the Foggy Albion through a fictitious marriage is only growing.

According to foreign residents, a fictitious marriage is the key to obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) and then citizenship of England.

Foreigners are forced to take such measures because of the very strict migration laws of England. Get a residence permit and citizenship of this country is not just difficult, but virtually impossible.

Initially, it is worth noting that applicants for the creation of an official family must meet certain requirements in 2021:

  • Age. Only people who are 16 years old at the time of application can legally apply to get married in England.
  • Freedom from marital bonds.
  • No blood relationship between those wishing to marry.

Marriage in Great Britain is possible in two institutions:

  1. In the Church of England;
  2. at a registration office.
    Applications to start a family are made at the registration office. To apply, each of the newlyweds must submit a package of documents:

Two identification documents: civil passport, driver’s license, birth certificate.
Documents confirming that the applicants have a place of residence.
If one of the newlyweds was previously legally married, a certificate of divorce is required in addition.
Immediately before filing the application, both the bride and groom must pay the state fee of 35 pounds. The official marriage ceremony will take place 28 days from the date of application according to the laws.

If the marriage ceremony will be held at the registration office, then an additional one-time fee of 45 pounds is paid. Also future newlyweds need to pay for the marriage certificate. It costs £3. At the registration ceremony of marriage must be attended by 4 people: the groom, bride and two witnesses.

If you can get married to a British citizen in any of the registration offices, then to register a marriage with a foreigner, including a resident of Russia, you must apply to special registration committees.


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