How divorce is handled in UK

Dissolving a marriage is a long and complicated procedure. Divorce in this state is only possible if the family has existed for at least one year.

To dissolve a marriage, people go to court for permission. It costs £410 to process a divorce case. The bailiffs give the young people a period of 21 days to reject the application for divorce. If, however, the young people have not rejected the application at the end of this period, it will be referred for review.

After the review, the young couple is issued a decree of dissolution of marriage, called decree nisi.
There must be good reasons for approving the decision to end the relationship:

-unreasonable conduct;
-absence from the family for more than two years;
-Separation for more than five years (in this case, written consent to divorce is not required);
-Separation for two years (in this case, written consent to divorce will be required from the other partner).


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