How do I apply for a fiancé(e)fiancé visa (K-1)?

How do I apply for a fiancé(e)fiancé visa (K-1)?

Your U.S. citizen fiancé(e)s must mail Form I-129F (Petition on behalf of the foreign fiancé(e)s) to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Service Center in his or her place of residence. If your fiancé/fiancé resides outside of the United States, he or she should mail the petition to the USCIS Service Center in his or her last place of residence in the United States. Once your fiancé/ fiancée petitions on your behalf, you can see the status of the case on the USCIS Case Status Search web page.

The USCIS forwards the approved petition to the US Department of State’s National Visa Center, which then forwards it to the Immigration Visa Division of the US Embassy in Tashkent. The INS will send you instructions on how to apply for a K-1/K-2 visa by email.

K visa petitioners should verify that the contact information of the fiancé/fiancé(e)s residing in Uzbekistan is correct on the petition. If contact information is missing or incorrect, it may result in delays in processing the case and scheduling an interview.

In addition, the fiancé(e)fiancé should complete the online electronic form DS-160 on the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Services’ E-Declaration Center Web site. You must bring your DS-160 confirmation page the day of your interview! Please ensure your application barcode is clearly printed. Please refer to the sample.

Please comply with all requirements as indicated in the instructions. Failure to comply with the requirements may delay the processing of your case.

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