Marriage in UK

Marriage in UK

What could seem easier than proving the reality of the marriage? Let’s say you are married to a British citizen. Then you are open to obtaining a conjugal visa. The English name for a spouse visa is spouse/civil partner visa.

There are nuances to consider:
Marriage is recognized as any: concluded in England and outside the state. The main thing – the registration procedure has already taken place. It is a common mistake to apply for a visa for your wife while planning to get married. For this is a separate category of visas for the bride (groom).

The second important nuance – the presence of a document confirming the registration of the marriage, joint photos, correspondence, vacations spent together, other such evidence of cohabitation of the couple. Note, as evidence, provided online communication is not sufficient. Visa officers welcome evidence of actual meetings between the spouses. In addition the applicant can be invited for interview, where the dates of acquaintance, places of meetings, details of joint holidays, trips can be clarified. Successfully passing the test is the key to the smooth processing of the permit.

The third nuance, or rather peculiarity: According to the English legislation partners who are not officially married and have lived together for more than 2 years can be considered as spouses, counting on the wife/husband visa.
In addition to documentation, evidence of the reality of the marriage union, the wife visa provides a number of requirements, conditions, and peculiarities. Let’s consider a certain number of points.

The answer is really important. If the husband lives in the UK on the basis of a residence permit status, on a work visa, it is not possible to apply for a spousal visa.
The wife visa is available to those whose husband is a citizen of the United Kingdom (with Permanent Residence status).

The applicant must demonstrate personal financial independence. The applicant must provide documents demonstrating sufficient income. The second option is to be supported by your husband. The annual family income must be £18,600 (including savings).

It is important for obtaining a visa for a wife to have a place to live in the UK: a rented apartment, property in personal ownership. There are no requirements for square footage of living space, but migration officers will not allow six people to live in a one-room apartment.

The applicant for a wife visa must not have a criminal record, present. Immigration law in England is strict, but fair. It is not necessary to play with the Law, trying to hide unflattering facts.

When immigrating it is necessary to speak, read and write in English. The minimum level: A1, which provides a minimal vocabulary, the ability to build a simple word constructions, to communicate on simple everyday topics. At the same time, you should prepare for the English level B1 exam, which is necessary for getting permanent residency and citizenship in the future. The exam is called IELTS.

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