Marriage Spouse visa UK – evidence

Marriage Spouse visa UK

How can I provide evidence of the residency requirement for a UK spousal visa?

Applicants for a spousal visa must provide evidence that they have adequate accommodation in the UK. “Adequate” in this sense means that the accommodation:

  • For the exclusive use of the applicant and his or her family – evidence may include a copy of the ownership documents, a letter from a bank or building society indicating mortgage arrangements, a lease agreement and rent book, or a letter from a family member or friend who provides the accommodation to the applicant and his or her family.
  • Not paid for with public funds
  • Will not or will not be overcrowded – you will be asked to provide details about the number of people in the unit and the number and type of rooms to ensure that the “room and space standard” is met. More information about this requirement can be found in the Department of the Interior’s handbook titled “Appendix FM, Section 1.7A – Adequate Care and Accommodations.”
  • In accordance with any public health regulations.

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