Marriage visa extension UK 2021

Marriage visa extension UK 2021

Renewing a Wife or Fiancée Visa in the UK
Many people enter the United Kingdom to formally marry or cohabit with their lawful spouse or partner. There are a lot of special visa permits for this purpose. But what to do if they are about to expire? In this case, you will need an extension of your fiancée/wife visa to continue staying in the UK.

How to extend a Marriage/Fiancé visa
UK immigration law does not allow for an extension of stay on a Visa Fiance/Marriage. However, the period of validity of a visa permit can still be extended in case of emergency. In order to do this, the visa holder should apply to the Home Office.

The applicant’s request will only be granted if the urgent need can be documented. What documents are required depends solely on the situation.

It is important to understand that if a person is in the UK when applying for a visa extension, it can be an obstacle to apply for a visa outside the country. Therefore, in the case of expiration of the permit, it is recommended to choose one of two options:

Return to the country of citizenship to avoid the risk of problems;
Get professional advice from our agency’s visa experts on the advisability of extending it in a particular case.
If the applicant has obtained a Fiance visa and already has an official marriage, the residence permit does not need to be extended. In this case, it is necessary to apply for another category of visa – Spouse or Civil Partner (for same-sex unions). These visas entitle the holder to long-term residence in the UK, as well as study, employment, etc.

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