Marriage visa extension UK – Spouse/Civil Partner visa

Marriage visa extension UK

How to extend a Spouse/Civil Partner visa

These visas are valid for 30-33 months, or 2.5 years (depending on the country where the application was submitted). However, after the expiration date the spouse/partner of a British citizen can extend the Spouse/Civil Partner Visa for another 30 months (2.5 years). This is possible if the visa regulations are followed:

  • Both spouses/partners continue to meet immigration requirements (cohabitation, a certain level of income, etc.);
  • the applicant confirmed his/her level of English language skills (A2 in CEFR, while for the first visa issuance level A1 is enough).

    In the case where the spouses/partners have not divorced within five years and have been permanently residing in the UK, it is no longer a question of how to extend the wife/husband/partner visa in England. In such situations, you can apply for permanent residency status to continue to be in the UK. The applicant must pass the following tests:

  • Life in the UK;
  • Language test (the result must not be lower than B1 on CEFR).
    Exceptions are made for a number of applicants. These are applicants who are over 65 years old, or those who have medical contraindications.


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