Marriage visa UK costs in 2021-2022

Marriage visa UK costs

A marriage visa to the UK is an entry permit that allows you to formally establish a relationship with an Englishman in England if your chosen one resides, works legally, and has British citizenship.

This type of visa is quite often confused with the fiancĂ©e/ groom visa, but they are not the same thing. The requirements for the package of documents and, importantly, the size of the mandatory consular fee are significantly different. A marriage visa to the UK is considered more like a bride/groom visitor’s visa, is issued for a period of 6 months and costs less. You will not be able to reside permanently in England on this visa, but the frequency and number of entries is not limited.

UK Marriage Visitor Visa Price

Marriage Visitor visa to England at the same cost as a standard six-month visa to the UK.
The consular fee is 114 euros.

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