Reasons for UK spouse visa refusal

Reasons for UK spouse visa refusal

Apart from the obvious reasons – annual income of less than £18,600, overcrowded accommodation, not proving the reality of the relationship, doubts as to whether you intend to live together – the reasons for refusal are often deception in obtaining previous visas. For example, you came to the country on a tourist visa without indicating that you knew your future husband, and then including that period as a dating period.

Other reasons may be overstaying, illegal entry, staying longer than the period specified on the visa application (often leading the visa officer to believe that you were working during this time). Be prepared that if you and your fiancé have a large age difference, and if your relationship history is too short, your documents will be considered particularly carefully. You can read more about the reasons for refusals on our website. Or:

Once you have entered the UK you will need to obtain a Biometric Passport (BRP).

If you are already in the country on a Bridal visa and have changed address, you will need to give your new address to the home office.

The spousal visa and the fiancée visa\will imply “no recourse to public funds” and if your spouse has to apply for benefits he/she must declare that you are subject to immigration control and will then only receive them in his/her name.

From 6 April 2015 there will be a charge for immigrants to use the public health care system.

If, for financial reasons, you cannot obtain a spousal visa, there is still the possibility for the sponsor to temporarily become an EU resident (find a job in the EU) and bring the family over for free and under simplified rules for EU citizens:

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