Self-treatment procedure for a visa to UK

Self-treatment procedure for a visa to UK

Any visa to England in 2022 is done independently only through authorized Teleperformance visa centers. British Embassies and Consulates do not accept applications directly.

The algorithm explaining how to get a visa to the UK on your own is described below:
1. Register on the UK Visas&Immigration website;
2. Login under your account, choose your visa type;
3. Fill in the visa application form online and click the “confirm application” button;
4. Submit the electronic application by clicking “submit application”;
5. Make an appointment for an available appointment by clicking on “Book Appointment”;
6. Pay the cost of your English visa online;
7. Register again and create an account already on the Teleperformance website, enter your e-mail;
8. To get an invitation list by e-mail with a number, according to which you will have the right to come to the visa center and submit the documents;
9. Come at your appointed time, taking with you filled questionnaire, which should be pre-printed, a receipt of payment for the full cost of the visa to the UK and all the necessary documents prepared in advance.

As you can see, you will need some knowledge of the English language to be able to deal with all the questions of the application form and fill out all the necessary forms correctly. Some people prefer to turn to the services of intermediary agencies, as they do not feel that they have enough strength and knowledge, but if the applicant knows English and will spend a little time to understand the procedures, the independent registration of a visa to Great Britain will no longer seem such a difficult process.

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