Settlement fiancee/wife visa (Settlement fiance/ spouse) List of documents

Settlement fiancee/wife visa (Settlement fiance/ spouse) List of documents

Personal information

1. Completed questionnaire.

*You need to complete our questionnaire (attached file) (Completed questionnaire online. You also need to complete Sponsorship From & Appendix 2 VAF4A)

2. A valid passport (You must have a valid passport and at least one blank page for the visa insert, blank on both sides (sheet).

3. Proof of legal presence in your country of residence if you are not a citizen (Can be a residence permit, valid visa, registration)

4. Previous passports (Required to confirm your visa history) *If available

5. Tuberculosis test results (Applicants over 11 years of age, planning to travel for more than 6 months must undergo a tuberculosis test in a specialized medical facility prior to submission. Details here).

6. Proof of marital status – proof of marriage, – proof of civil relationship, – divorce certificate – death certificate

7. Proof of employment or study: May include: – Letter from employer on company letterhead showing 6 months monthly salary, date of commencement of employment – Letter from educational institution – Registration documents for own business (Certificate of registration, Articles of Association)

Confirmation of English language skills

1. The applicant must have a minimum of A1 CEFR English – Evidence of passing the test at an accredited institution is required.

Further information here. – If you have a degree obtained by study abroad and the teaching must be in English – If you are a citizen of one of the English-speaking countries


1. Bank statement

– Bank statement for the past 6 months.

– Account statement

– A bank statement for the last 6 months.

2. Certificate of bank account (indicating its balance, date of opening and name of account holder)

3. Proof of employment (Proof of employment for the last six months)

4. Proof of tax payments (You can get a tax receipt for the last 6 months from the tax office)

5. Company bank account statements (Your own business) (Proof of access to the account is required)

6. Income from property (Contracts of tenancy, sale and purchase, property ownership)

Information about planned place of residence in the UK

1. Details of intended place of residence in the UK with fiancé It can be from the host family:

– Property ownership documents

– Lease agreement

– Payment of council bills

– Payment of utilities

– Letter from landlord with details of house/apartment and confirmation that you plan to live there Information about sponsor in the UK

1. Details of sponsor’s employment, course of study and other details of monthly income after tax

– Miscellaneous financial documentation (set out in the finance section above on this page)

– Annual income details (usually shown on HMRC form P60)

– Annual income a minimum of 18,600 GBP (15,800 GBP tax free)

– Schooling details

2. Details of the sponsor’s UK immigration status

Copies of:

– Last page of passport

– Valid visa

– Confirmation letter from FCO of permission to stay

3. Confirmation of relationship with your sponsor and maintaining contact with them

There may be a letter from the sponsor confirming your relationship and that they are assisting in the collection of documents for your visa and enclosing the following documents:

– Birth certificate

– Marriage certificate

– Death or divorce certificate

– Photographs of your wedding or just photos of you together

– ATS phone records

– E-mails, postcards, letters

– Confirmation of intention to marry within 6 months of arriving in the UK

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