The means to obtain a visa for the UK with and without dependents

The means to obtain a visa for the UK with and without dependents


When considering the financial requirements for a spousal visa in the UK, the first question to ask yourself is, “How much do I need to earn for a spousal visa?” ; this is called the minimum income requirement. The minimum income requirements when applying for a spousal visa depend on whether you have dependent children.

If you are only applying for your spouse, you will need to prove that you earn a minimum gross annual income of £18,600.
If you are applying for your spouse and one child, the financial requirements are £22,400 gross per year.
For each additional child (in addition to the point above) you will need to add £2,400 for each child to the £22,400 gross per year.
This means that the minimum income for an applicant with two dependent children would be £24,800 and for three children it would be £27,200.

Note that maintenance funds will be taken into account depending on the source of funds. Only the sources listed below will be considered:
– Partner income from some employment or self-employment, which in respect of a partner returning to the UK with the applicant may include some employment or self-employment overseas and in the UK, or a combination of both.
– Applicant’s and/or partner’s pension
– Maternity or bereavement benefit received by the partner in the UK
– Any other income and/or savings stated by the applicant and/or partner.

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