UK fiancee visa general information

Today international marriages are not uncommon. Many Ukrainians marry men living in other countries. With the opening of a visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens, travel to European countries has become easy and accessible to anyone with a biometric passport. However, this does not apply to Ukrainian women whose husbands reside or work permanently in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

A British citizen can visit his bride who lives in Ukraine at any time – all she needs to do is buy an air ticket. A Ukrainian bride is in a completely different situation, because the visa-free regime does not apply to the Foggy Albion. In order to visit this country, you need to apply for a special permit in any case, and in this particular case it is a bride visa or a wedding visa to England.

Both types of visas are similar, but there are some differences. A 6-month fiancée visa entitles you to reside in England without leave of absence until marriage and apply for a wife visa directly from the UK. The marriage visa is for the same period but does not entitle you to stay and reside permanently in the UK. It also allows multiple entries/exits to/from the Foggy Albion, but must be applied for outside the UK.


Peculiarities of obtaining UK fiancée visa

It is naive to assume that if your fiancé is a UK citizen, you can automatically get a coveted bridal visa. Everyone knows that the United Kingdom of Great Britain is one of the five countries in the world that has strict visa requirements for anyone who wants to visit the country. And a fiancée visa to the UK, is no exception. No indulgence is given to anyone, not even the future wife of an Englishman.

Fiancee visa processing time to the UK

In practice, it most often takes up to 3 months to process a fiancée visa to the UK. Permission to enter the country is granted for six months.
If you need to expedite the process of obtaining your permit, it is possible to order an urgent type of this service by paying an additional £573 at the Visa Application Centre. This will reduce the processing time to 30 days. However, this is not a guarantee that processing will not be delayed.

Requirements for a fiancée visa to the UK

The requirements for a fiancée visa to England are the same as for other types of permits. But in addition you need to provide convincing facts that the future marriage to a British citizen will not be fictitious, that you really know each other for a long time and intend to create a full-fledged strong family.
You will also need to prepare and present correspondence, photos of you together, overseas phone bills, and other documents that can prove that your intentions are genuine.
Documents for applying for a bride visa to the UK

Ukrainians applying for a UK fiancée visa must submit to the Visa Application Centre

  • passport;
  • certificate confirming a negative TB test;
  • results of the test confirming sufficient knowledge of English;
  • documents confirming the presence of an English fiancé.

But certificates proving that the bride is closely connected with Ukraine do not need to be provided.

If a woman has children together or from previous marriages, their birth certificates are necessary. The English groom submits the following documents:

  • an identity card;
  • certificate of income;
  • bank statement of account;
  • document confirming the place of residence;
  • a letter of invitation;
  • documents that prove a real relationship with a Ukrainian bride;
  • proof that the wedding ceremony is really planned and will take place.

Once the marriage ceremony has taken place in the UK, documents for a Wife’s Visa are applied for, so that the family can live together in the future.

The cost of a UK fiancee Visa

Many people wonder how much a fiancée visa to the UK costs? As of early 2021, the consular fee for a fiancée visa to the UK is €1,863. There is no medical fee for this visa category.
If a fiancée visa to the UK is refused, the consular fee is non-refundable. In order to avoid taking risks or wasting time and money, it is recommended to contact the professionals at Visa Consulting Group. Our company has been providing visa support to Ukrainian citizens for more than thirteen years, so we have sufficient experience in this segment of services. On our site you can read reviews of those who without problems and from the first time got the cherished bride visa to Great Britain.

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