UK marriage and fiancee visa requirements 2021

uk visa requirements for marriage

Here’s a list of things that you’ll need to complete your UK fiance visa application as of 2021.

Number one, a copy of both the applicant and sponsors passport. I’d like to mention a couple of important things here.

Firstly, your visa application cannot be processed without your original passport. So, you will need to send your actual phisical passport along with your application. This is because if your visa is approved, your passport will be stamped.

Secondly, the applicant must also include copies of any previous or expired passports.

Number two, evidence of the sponsors employment in the UK. Some of the documents that you’ll need to include here are the following:

  • payslips for the period of employment for the last six months,
  • corresponding bank statements, confirming their receipt of wages for the past six months,
  • your employment contract.
  • your p60,
  • letters from employers confirming your job title, your start date,
  • your total working hours per week
  • your salary wage per week and month.

And it’s also important to note that if you want to be a sponsor, you’ll need an income of at least 18,600 pounds per year before tax. You’ll also need to state here, your type of employment. For example, permanent, fixed term contract or temporary. And if payslips are issued electronically. You’ll need a confirmation that the payslips are authentic.

uk spouse visa requirements

Number three, a written statement from you and your partner, confirming how you met and the time that you spent together. These will need to be separate statements, one from you, and one from your partner.

You need to include dates and places that you have visited together. This document needs to be concise and have sufficient detail in relation to where you met, how you met and have key dates and details on how your relationship progressed.

Number four, a supporting statement from you and your partner’s friends and family, confirming you to be in a genuine relationship. These statements should be simple and no more than a few short paragraphs. You’ll also need to provide a copy of the passport for the individuals who provided you with this letter.

uk spouse visa requirementsNumber five, a tenancy agreement, and a no objection letter from the landlord. The no objection letter should mention that the landlord does not object, the applicant joining the sponsor, and how many bedrooms are in the property.

Number six, evidence of any wedding plans. This can be anything from venue inquiries to purchases of wedding bands, outfits, etc. Note that this step isn’t 100% necessary, but it is recommended.

Number seven, evidence of a genuine and subsisting relationship. Here you can include things like flight confirmations, boarding passes, holiday or hotel booking confirmations, emails, text messages, WhatsApp chat history between you and your partner and photographs of you and your partner together.

And lastly, Number eight, copies of any previous visa refusals.

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