UK marriage visa fee

uk marriage and spouse visa fee 2021

This article is about how much you have to pay if you apply a UK Spouse Visa outside UK, and yes, there’s a difference of the application fee and if you apply outside and inside the UK.

So how much is it to apply for UK Spouse visa in 2021.

Fiancee visa application fee outside UK

Application fee outside the UK outside means you will be applying from your home country example Philippines so if you apply in the Philippines, your application fee would be 1523 pounds. Plus 1000 pounds for the insurance, you know why because you can UK Fiancee visa is valid for two and half years. 30 months. Yes. So that is why your insurance is 1000 pounds. So now that will be 2523, pounds.

So that’s the standard okay.

UK Fiancee or spouse visa priority application fee

If you want to prioritize your application, and get your result after one month. Then you can actually pay for a priority service.

Priority service which you have to pay is 800 pounds. So overall 3323 pounds UK marriage visa fee.

Should I hire UK marriage visa solicitor

Now, since you’re applying outside the UK, and you have a complex situation, your partner your sponsor here in the UK, your partner has complex financial status. I always suggest guys, if you have spare money. Hire a solicitor please hire a solicitor normally a solicitor would cost 1000-2000 pounds. 1500-2000 pounds that’s actually their minimum rate.

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