UK marriage visa requirements 2020

UK marriage visa requirements 2020

Confirmation of the relationship with the sponsor

This category includes:

  • a letter from the sponsor, where the sponsor tells the story of your Dating, life together, wedding, and so on.
  • joint photo. You must have wedding photos of you with his relatives and him with your relatives. The more diverse the photos, the better, but don’t take too many.
  • Screenshots from social networks.
  • Phone call history (multiple screenshots)
  • History of SMS messages (whatsapp, viber, messenger etc).
  • Postcards, greetings, letters.
  • A big plus is the proof of your cohabitation or meetings. If the meeting took place online, and you have never met in person, it is better to meet before submitting documents, because virtual relationships cause a lot of distrust in the immigration officer. How we met my husband I tell you here.

Financial support

If the sponsor is employed, you must provide a work contract or a letter from the employer, indicating how long and in what position the spouse works.

Payslips for a minimum of 6 months (these are statements about the po).

Bank statements for at least 6 months.

The minimum income threshold is 18,600 pounds a year before tax.

If you have a minor child, the s.p. threshold is raised to 22,400 pounds per year.

If the sponsor is an individual entrepreneur, then you must submit a Declaration, as well as TIN and OGRN.


Housing can be provided by the sponsor’s parents or by the sponsor itself.

If the house has 1 room, then there should be no more than 2 people, 2 rooms – no more than 3 people, 3 rooms – no more than 5 people. Read how we got a house in London.

List of required documents:

  • Surveyors report/letter from housing association (proof of the number of rooms, indicating the number of residents)
  • Tenancy agreement for rental housing.
  • A receipt from the utility company that confirms that the sponosor or his parents reside at this address.
  • deeds of the sponsor’s house