UK marriage visa the hidden truth

uk marriage fiancee visa refusal

People that love each other should be together – that’s common sense you probably think. But it’s the law in the UK that when you marry someone you can be with them. That’s how it was for me growing up. That’s not true.

I want to share my experience about UK fiancee visa refusal. So I’ll start with my particular story. Three years ago, I was working in the Ukraine with psychologists around, around the war, and I was introduced on a train to a beautiful interpreter Maria and I fell in love with her. We ended up working together a lot in Moscow getting to know each other well. That was kind of a classic romance.

We got engaged in Turkey because it happens when I travel there freely. She said yes, and we thought “great”, now we’re engaged we’re going to get married.

No problem to come and live in the UK and live in the UK together. I thought, easy, no problem. So after we got married, we ended up being refused a UK Marriage visa.

First of all, she came to visit the UK a couple times with my family but then was refused the UK visitor visa. Okay. That was strange. And then we refused engagement pieces so she wasn’t able to get married in the UK (she did not receive UK fiancee visa), which meant last minute we had to move all the wedding plans in the Ukraine.

You know there was times when we were just like in tears rolling around on the floor you know the actual suffering of just being kept apart from someone you love, particularly as a psychologist, when you had that ritual of marriage are really bonded together in a very deep psychological way.

You know, like, I remember leaving at the airport every time we visit Kiev when we got home, and this was the crazy thing we could go to Israel together.
This is like one of the most protected security states in the world. And then we leave the airport and it will be painful, you know, and I’m thinking okay so I’m a businessman I pay my taxes I’m respectful citizens.

It might be a problem that we did not fill in all UK marriage visa documents properly. That one of the potential problem that you come across when you do it yourself.

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