UK permanent residence visa for spouses

uk spouse visa requirements

There are several visa categories that are requested to reside in the UK with a partner. If You have already registered your relationship with an English citizen who officially works and lives in the country, you can request a visa for your wife/husband. One of the main documents when applying for a visa in this case will be a marriage certificate.

In other cases, the following categories of visas are issued:

A bride/groom visa or wedding visa is required for marriage registration.
If couples plan to live in a de facto marriage without formal registration, then a partner visa (Unmarried Partner UK Visa) is opened.

Same-sex partners apply for the Same Sex Partner UK Visa category.

EEA Family Permit visa is issued if your spouse officially lives and works in the UK, but has the citizenship of such countries as France, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Iceland, Malta, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia.

The size of the consular fee and document requirements for all these visa categories differ. There are also nuances when filling out the questionnaire and in other aspects that it is better to prepare for in advance. Our specialists will help you with this professionally.