UK spouse and marriage visa FAQ

UK Spouse visa and EEC Family Permit FAQ

What is the difference between a UK Spouse visa and EEC Family Permit?

This is a question we get asked a lot so it’s important to make the difference clear. A Spouse Visa allows married partners of British citizens to enter the UK, on the basis they are married to someone who has settled status. While an EEA family permits or residence card applies when you’re a family member of EEA national.

If my Spouse Visa is granted, how long can I remain in the UK?

If you have entered the UK on a spouse visa, you will normally be granted an initial period of 33 months. However, if you have made an application within the UK, you will normally be granted an initial period of 30 months.

If my Spouse Visa is granted, will I be allowed to work or study in the UK?

Yes, as long as you have valid leave to remain in the UK.

What are the basic requirements to qualify for UK Spouse Visa?

You and your spouse must be aged 18 or over, legally married, have met each other and to have a genuine and subsisting relationship, and have an intention to live together in the UK on a permanent basis.

Your spouse must earn 18,600 pounds or more per year, or have sufficient savings.

You must be in a position to financially maintain yourself without recourse to public funds. A

Also suitable accommodation needs to be in place, and it is necessary to satisfy the English language requirement.

Can I apply for a Spouse Visa from within the UK?

Yes, however you must have leave to remain for six months or more. If you are granted a visa for less than six months you will not entitled to make an application.

What if my relationship with my spouse ends, can I remain in the UK?

Possibly. However, you must notify the Office of your change of circumstances. The home office may decide to cancel your current visa or may allow you should remain in the UK, to show that there are exceptional and compassionate circumstances in your case. For example, if you have a child in the UK, with your British spouse.

When can I apply for ILR in the UK?

An application should be made at least 28 days prior to completing your five years of residence in the UK on a spouse visa.

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