UK spouse visa after rejection in 2023

Family (Family) visa for fiancé, spouse, partner, child of a settled person to the UK in 2023

Being refused a British visa is psychologically very unpleasant. With this visa a person may have had plans for a tourist trip at a minimum, and at a maximum a life together with a loved one or a high-paying job.

Every rejection is different. And in every particular situation you can fight for your visa. In our practice we had cases of obtaining British visa after several refusals, after refusal of spouse visa, after warning about ban etc. And our clients have obtained long-awaited visas to the UK!

The most important thing is to critically assess your situation from the outside: where mistakes have been made, where additional useful information can be shown, what documents should be prepared and a competent motivation letter should be drafted. We can help you with that!

The only case that is very difficult to work with is refusal due to submission of false documents. Then the chance of getting a UK visa is reduced to zero.

Myths about re-applying for a British visa after rejection:

You cannot reapply for a British visa within a few months of being refused a visa.

Answer: there is no time period (quarantine) when you cannot reapply for a visa to England (other than applying for a visa after getting a ban).

You need to show even more money in your bank account when you reapply after being refused a visa to the UK.

Answer: very rarely do visa officers write about insufficient funds in the bank account. But very often they say that too much money in the bank account does not match the applicant’s lower salary.

You need to change your passport and then the UK visa officers will not be able to see the details of the UK visa refusal.

Answer: UK visa officers have an extensive database of previous visa applications. By withholding information about the refusal, you risk earning a 10-year ban on entry to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Depending on the type of British visa you have, you may be entitled to an administrative review and an appeal. The administrative review will normally take up to 1 month while the appeal process may last up to 1-2 years. For visitor visas, these options are not available and you will have to reapply for a visa and pay the visa fee again.

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