UK spouse visa application

UK spouse visa application

List of documents from the side for the wife’s visa to the UK:

  • Passport.
  • Certificate of tuberculosis test.
  • Certificate of English language proficiency test.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Birth certificate of children (joint or from previous marriages).
  • Divorce certificate (if previously married)

Wife’s visa to England and its validity period

As a standard, the wife’s visa to England opens for 2.5 years.

After receiving the documents at the visa center of the British Embassy, the visa will be pasted in Your passport for 1 month. But don’t worry! Along with the documents, You will also be sent a letter with the address and rules for obtaining a visa for your wife in the form of an ID card for 2.5 years within 10 days after moving to the country.

After the first visa of the wife in the UK, it will need to be extended for another 2.5 years. this can be done while in the UK. We support the extension of the wife’s English visa. Please contact our visa Manager for more information.