UK spouse visa financial requirement

The right to reside in the UK on the basis of Article 8

The United Kingdom citizen must have a minimum income of £18,600 for the twelve months period before UK spouse visa application date.

If the sponsor is employed, you must provide a work contract or a letter from the employer, indicating how long and in what position the spouse works.

Payslips for a minimum of 6 months (these are statements about the po).

Bank statements for at least 6 months.

The minimum income threshold is 18,600 pounds a year before tax.

If you have a minor child, the s.p. threshold is raised to 22,400 pounds per year.

If the sponsor is an individual entrepreneur, then you must submit a Declaration, as well as TIN and OGRN.

If they had not earned this amount in the previous 12 months, they must have been permanently employed for six months and earning a gross annual income of £18,600.

There are 2 financial requirements to be met:

  1. a minimum income which has to be demonstrated with specified documents,
  2. and adequate accommodation for the family.
  • Partner with no children – £18,600
  • 1 child in addition to the partner – £22,400
  • 2 children in addition to the partner – £24,800
  • 3 children in addition to the partner – £27,200