UK spouse visa List of required documents

uk marriage visa

UK spouse visa List of required documents:

  • Surveyors report/letter from housing association (proof of the number of rooms, indicating the number of residents)
  • Tenancy agreement for rental housing.
  • A receipt from the utility company that confirms that the sponosor or his parents reside at this address.
  • deeds of the sponsor’s house
  • After collecting all the main documents, you can start filling out questionnaires and creating a folder of accompanying documents.

Download and print Appendix 2 (Supplement to the questionnaire, which is necessary to get information about your relationship with the sponsor, their employment, housing, etc.)

Then you confirm your application, pay the visa fee, medical insurance, and register on the visa center’s website.

Create a folder for accompanying documents that should be placed in a certain order.
A copy of the applicant’s form, Appendix 2

Your personal data (tuberculosis screening, IELTS, birth certificate, copies of previous passport with visas, certificates after studying abroad)

Documents confirming the history of your relationship+a letter from the sponsor.

SV-vo about marriage

Information about the sponsor (passport copy, SV-in about a birth)

The documents at home

Financial documents