UK spouse visa processing times

Process time for UK spouse visa application

How can I avoid being refused a spousal visa to England?

Since the wife’s visa to the UK is a direct application for citizenship, the British home office carefully examines each case and strictly checks all documents. Note that each situation is individual, so the package of documents is also always different. What documents are required, what financial requirements apply to you, how to prove the truth of the relationship before visa officers-these questions are best addressed to competent immigration specialists.

UK spouse visa processing time – between 2-3 months

The spouse visa UK processing time in 2020 is between 2-3 months (on average). This is the time it takes for the Home Office to decide your application.

Through the Marriage Visa processing time, the immigration officer will check:

  • Your application details
  • Supporting documents
  • Proof of your relationship
  • Financial details
  • Details of your accommodation arrangements

Some members are waiting more than 60 or 90 days, some even waiting almost a year.

Standard applications are rarely, if ever, decided before 60 days.

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