UK spouse visa to England and bridal visa to the UK – what’s the difference

Situation: you are a girl/boyfriend living in Ukraine but have recently or long ago met your soulmate who lives and/or works in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and after several meetings you would like to get married/marry. In this case you do not need to apply for the bride / groom visa, as here and the consular fee of over 51 000 UAH (1786 EUR * 28,6 = 51 080 USD) and there are requirements to know English. In this case it is possible to save quite good money, and, quite legally, having applied for the wedding visa, or as it is also called, the guest visa of the bride (c-visit marriage visa). You will need only to confirm your intention to marry in the UK, and we will advise you how to do this in detail when you contact us. All the rest, as at usual guest visa: and requirements to knowledge of language, and consular gathering 109 euro, instead of 1786 euro, and requirements to documents quite loyal, and in visa at you will write “c-visit marriage”. The given visa, as a rule, opens for six months with possibility of multiple entry.

Of the advantages of a “wedding visa to the UK” it is worth highlighting the following:

– COST, because by applying for a “bridal visa” instead of a “bridal visa” you will save 1677 euros on the consular fee alone. Yes, of course you will need within 6 months to return to Ukraine and apply for a wife visa, but the ticket England-Ukraine-England costs 100-300 dollars.
– EASY DOCUMENTS, i.e. you do not need to show an English language certificate and you do not need to prove your spouse’s annual income of £18,600. Yes you will need to do all this for your wife’s visa, but that is in the future. – TIMES, because the “fiancee visa” is considered up to 3 months, and sometimes more (just like the “wife visa”), but the “bridal visa” – only 1-3 weeks! And after getting a “wedding visa” you can fly to Britain, get married, return to Ukraine and submit the documents on the “visa of the wife” (previously having made yourself a second valid passport). What will it give you? You can, having submitted the second passport not to sit in Ukraine, and fly to UK and wait 2-3 months of the decision on a visa of the wife being together with the beloved man directly in the Great Britain.

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