UK spouse visa Who is refused the most?

Every year the UK refuses thousands of applicants for UK visas. Careful officers check documents and application forms very carefully, requiring you to follow all instructions correctly and pay the processing fees. There are a few mistakes that you can easily prevent if you approach the matter carefully.

The first is choosing the wrong type of visa for Britain. If you haven’t fully decided on the purpose of your trip or confused similar visa categories, you will get a rejection despite the overall flawlessness of the arrangement.
The second is a problem with your paperwork. You can miss some important document or send your documents with incomplete translation or without translation at all.
The third is inaccuracies in the application form. Do not embellish or omit information – once the embassy learns about this, it will be too late to change anything.
The following problems are less dependent on you. It concerns the subjective approach of consuls when issuing a visa to England, their view of your history. First of all it is worth knowing that they see every applicant as a potential illegal immigrant. Accordingly, they need to be persuaded that you have something to return home for. The papers on your family composition, assets registered in your name, and employment references will help in obtaining a visa to Britain. Previous visas are also important – if you have travelled widely and seamlessly, you are unlikely to stay long in the UK.

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