UK visa readiness

UK visa readiness

The visa center’s website has a special option for tracking the readiness of your visa to the UK. You need to go to your personal account, and through it you can use your application form number to see at what stage the application is being processed.

Denial cases are not that uncommon. This can be a problem, given that the official London has a consistently tough immigration policy. It should be said that the best chances to get a British visa for people with a good income and owning some property. Britain loves wealthy tourists and visitors. Refusal can be for the following reasons:
– Incorrectly filled out application form;
– Discrepancy between the information on the application form and the application packet;
– Unreliability of submitted documents;
– Denied visa stamps of English-speaking countries or European Union countries;
– Violation of residence regime in previous trips;

One can say that despite all the difficulties a visa to Britain on its own can be obtained quite successfully, and the person who really wants to go to the UK gets it very easily. It is necessary to pay attention to the following rules:
– Fill in the form carefully, if you do not know enough English, and filling it yourself causes difficulties, it is better to find someone and ask for help, or ask a professional – one wrong answer to a question and you can get a refusal;
– Collect as many documents as possible, proving good financial status;
– Take into account all the new rules that are introduced by the immigration service;
– It is desirable to provide certificates of ownership of any property;
– According to the instructions, pay the cost of the visa and visa fee. It should be noted that this can only be done by non-cash payment;
– Submit your documents and application as early as possible, as processing can be delayed;
– If an interview is scheduled, you will need to prepare well.

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