UK Wife Visa application requirements for 2022-2023

uk spouse visa 2022 rules and requirements

When the euphoria of the past events slowly began to fade, it was time to think about applying for a visa in the new status of the spouse. This visa is called a Spouse/Partner visa. You can apply both while you are in the United Kingdom, and at your place of residence in Russia. In the first case, the visa is valid for 2.5 years, and in the second case, it is three months longer. Of course, no one is going to separate the spouses, so the visa can be extended in the future for another 30 months. The consular fee in 2018 is £956.

The owners of such a visa open almost all the possibilities, now you can find a job in the UK, and after 5 years of life together and the availability of its further prospects (the spouses are going to continue to live soul to soul), you can apply for British citizenship.

What are the requirements for obtaining a visa for wives

They are as follows:

Age equal or over 18 years old;
Registered marriage in the UK;
Residence of one of the spouses in the Kingdom (citizenship, residency);
Intention to live together and ability to support themselves financially (letters of commitment, statements of account, employment contracts – the methods of confirmation vary);
Language level at least Elementary (A1) (will have to pass the test);
Financial solvency of the sponsor’s spouse.

Documents needed to apply for a visa

Passport with a blank page;
Previous passports;
Two standard color photographs;
Documented facts confirming the duration of the relationship (photos, correspondence);
Proof of financial aid:
A certificate of employment.

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