UK wife visa: immigration for love

UK wife visa: immigration for love

Great Britain is a dream country, an ideal place to live, do business, study, work. It is the world center of science, culture, economy. This jurisdiction has the strongest health care system, law. The country is open to immigrants, offers a variety of opportunities for relocation. Today we will look at the category of family visas, describe the features, the conditions of opening a visa for the wife.

It seemed that there is nothing easier than to apply for a visa for a wife in the UK. Logically you need to be married to a British citizen, to apply for a visa for the wife. Do you think these conditions are enough? It is not easy to immigrate abroad. Immigration laws are quite confusing. The wife visa is recognized as a complicated visa destination.

The visa is for applicants seeking to move to the UK with a husband/wife, common-law spouse living in the United Kingdom.

A spouse who is legally married to a UK citizen can cross the UK border with a wife’s visa. Particular attention is given to the legal formalization of the marriage. The act of civil will must be officially recognized by the authorities of Great Britain, the spouses must be adults, the husband must be a citizen of the Kingdom and permanently reside in the country. As an option – to have permanent residency status.

The conditions must be met:
– The candidate’s spouse is a British citizen (has taken out permanent residence status).
– Couple really met, traveled together. Spending time together can be confirmed by witnesses.
– Spouses have realistic intentions to live together in the future and are doing their best to keep the family together.
– The couple has a place to live and enough money.

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