Visa Registration for Bride and Wife in the UK

uk spouse visa

Here the wedding bells have rung, the misty Albion beckons not only Big Ben, but also the spouse left there. Now the young people are facing not so much the problems of choosing a dress and organizing the reception, as meetings with representatives of visa services, which, of course, happy for the married couple, but the rules of border crossing no one has canceled yet. And yet, observing the formalities to get the cherished document called “wife’s visa” in the UK is very possible.

General information on spousal visas

So, you need to remember that in a country where it is always cloudy and foggy and they talk only about the weather, you can come not only as a spouse, but also as a bride just to get married – civil or official – it is not so important.

With a regular visa to England, which is called the General Visitor, you can not do this, the British came up with a special kind of Marriage Visitor. Interestingly, after marriage, you can not stay in the country longer than the period prescribed in the visa, and it is limited to six months. The paperwork would require quite a long time, and most likely you would need the help of professionals.
wife’s visa

There is one unfortunate clarification – on this visa you can not marry a citizen of the Kingdom, here you need a fiancĂ©e’s visa to the UK. That is, if a couple wants to play a wedding somewhere in Scotland to then not only keep the nice memories, but also to pass this story from generation to generation and boast to friends about the successful photos, and at the same time their plans do not include staying in Edinburgh for life – this visa is ideal.
Bride Visa

It is possible that all the pleasant moments of the wedding process and the subsequent honeymoon are still ahead – the wedding day is appointed, and the British “prince” is already waiting for his lady of the heart on the banks of the Thames. In the meantime the lady is busy with a very difficult process of applying for the bride’s visa to England. Fiance visa is needed for foreigners who decided to marry a British citizen.

According to all the conditions, the marriage must be concluded within 6 months from the date of issuance of the visa – simply because that is the validity period for this type of permit.

Of course, sometimes there are various unpleasant surprises, due to which the wedding is postponed – the British are going to meet and extend the visa, but only for good reasons.

Both the groom and the bride must be over 18 years, to work on such a visa to the bride, of course, can not, but the host must prove their capacity to pay and submit documents on the annual income of not less than 18.6 thousand pounds. It is mandatory for the bride must know the language at least at the basic level (A1), and have a certificate of passing the language test.
A1 language tests

You have to work at the next point – to prove to visa officers that love is strong, that it has lasted a long time (at least 2 years), that the spouses after the wedding will not scatter as at sea ships – you need to collect photos, various kinds of evidence of relationships, such as booking airline tickets – when the lovers went to visit each other, etc.

In addition, there is an interview with an employee of the visa center, who can ask questions about the relationship. You also need to convince the visa officer that if there was any relationship before this, leading up to the wedding, it is now definitely over. When the couple will officially become husband and wife, it is necessary to apply for a visa for the wife – and you can do this without leaving England.

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