Visa to get married in UK 2021

Visa to get married in UK 2021

Getting married in the UK: procedure and documents

Many brides after obtaining a wedding visa to the UK ask the question: “What documents, in addition to the wedding visa to England, are needed to get married in the UK!”. We have tried to systematize all the information received from our female clients and this is what came out! At the ceremony itself you need to have only the passport + confirmation document (application), the so-called notice of marriage.

But the hardest part is applying for the marriage. The application is made after the wedding visa has been issued. As a rule, this is done in the body (something like a municipality) anywhere in the United Kingdom. But here, too, nuances are possible, for example, your English chosen one may live in Manchester, England, but he or she may not have seats available in the city to apply, but there are seats available for the ceremony. You can apply in another region, such as Scotland or, for example, in Conwy, Wales, and you can get married where you live. When applying, they check everything: paid reservation of the marriage ceremony, all the documents of the spouse (birth certificate, certificates of employment, real estate or mortgage documents, in general, all property, and proof that he/she is divorced or unmarried).

From our brides are usually required: birth certificate of the new sample (translation + apostille), passport with a “wedding visa” or “bride visa” + a copy, divorce certificate (translation + apostille) and / or the court decision on the divorce (translation + apostille), notarial declaration of desire to get married (translation + apostille), parents’ birth certificates with a translation, Ukrainian passport (copy + translation).

After all these documents the office considers your application and in a couple of weeks sends a letter confirming that you can get married in the UK. You then have to pay about £80 (payable online when you register for the appointment).

Note that the above list is not universal and is not definitive. Be sure to ask for information on the documents required to apply for a marriage in the UK. Also make sure you know how many copies of each document you will need. Naturally, all these clarifications and the collection of information should be handled by your chosen overseas representative, because there is no such information on Russian-language sites. It is better to use, based on where you live in the UK.

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