Visa to marry in UK – types of visa

Visa to marry in UK – types of visa

Before you start applying for a visa to the UK, you need to understand what type of visa you will need. Obviously it will be an English bride visa, however, even this includes several varieties.

There are:

  1. The British Bride/Marriage Visa. It is issued for 6 months to those who plan to get married in England to a person legally residing there on a permanent basis and then live with their chosen one in the United Kingdom.
  2. Visa for marriage (visitor for marriage). It is issued for a single visit to the UK with one sole purpose – to get married. Like the tourist visa, this type of visa does not imply further residence in this country, after the ceremony you will need to leave.
  3. The visa for wife/husband to the UK. It is issued in the case if you have already married an Englishman and decided to stay with your spouse in the UK. It is issued for 2.5 years.

If you only plan to start a family, then, regardless of what kind of visa you need in England, you will need to apply not earlier than 3 months before the desired date of marriage. Generally, you will receive an answer within 3 weeks.

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