What kind of fiancée/wife visa to the UK do you need?

What kind of fiancée/wife visa to the UK do you need?

1. UK fiancée or Marriage visitor visa

A fiancée visa for weddings in England. It allows you to come to Britain to get married. You will then need to return. Will be valid for six months. Consular fee is £93. Then you will need to apply for a Spouse Family visa from your country of residence.

2. Fiancee settlement visa

Fiancee visa for permanent residence in the UK. On it you enter the country and get married. You stay and apply for a spouse visa (Spouse family visa) from England. This visa is also for 6 months, the consular fee is 1532 pounds.

3. Spouse Family visa

Wife visa for British citizens. It may be obtained both after marriage in the UK and after marriage in Russia. You may use it to live and work in the UK. It is issued for 33 months and then renewed for another 30 months. You can then apply for an indefinite leave to remain and citizenship. When applying for this visa it is compulsory to have British Insurance, the cost of which is approximately $1,600. The consular fee is £1,000 if applying in the UK and £1,523 if applying from another country.

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