Which UK visa categories are suitable for a bride or spouse?

Depending on your personal circumstances, one of the five family visa options available to you in England will suit you.

1. Marriage visitor visa
This visa is issued for up to 6 months and allows one or both future spouses to come to England to register their marriage. It does not entitle them to live, work or study in the country, so after the wedding the non-British spouse must leave the UK before the expiry of the visa.

2. Bride and groom visa – Fiancé/fiancée visa
Fiancé/fiancée immigration status is suitable when the couple plan to get married in the British Isles and apply for a spousal visa without leaving the UK. That is why this visa is only valid for six months.

3. Spouse visa – Spouse visa
This visa category is suitable for aliens who are already married to a UK citizen. It is granted for a period of 2 years 9 months (if applied for outside the UK) and is renewable. It allows you to live and work in the UK.

4. Visa for unmarried partners
In contrast to the marriage visa this category is suitable for international couples who for some reason do not wish to formalize their marriage, but actually married and living together for at least 2 years.

5. Same-sex partnership visa – Civil partner visa
This is essentially the same as the conjugal visa which, as the name implies, is suitable for a spouse or partner who is married to a British citizen of the same sex.

Of the categories listed, only the spouse and partner visa seems to be the most straightforward, though not the easiest and most reliable way to get a British passport in a few years.

What is needed to obtain a spouse visa to England and further naturalisation?
So why is applying for a spouse visa and obtaining citizenship status on British soil a task so difficult that its successful resolution often requires a huge amount of nerves, time and effort to struggle with the British bureaucratic machine?

It has to do with the immigration appeal of the United Kingdom and the desire of the authorities to combat sham marriages. So don’t be surprised if a huge amount of paperwork may be required to obtain a residence permit as the spouse of a British citizen.

Requirements for obtaining a spousal visa
Something as basic as your desire to move and reside permanently in England.
Proof of the reality of your marriage. This could simply be information about your relationship, such as its duration, circumstances and date of acquaintance. Or a joint residential address and utility bills, photographs together, proof of holidays together, a joint bank account etc.
Unmarried partners must provide proof of living together for 2 years.
We have listed the immigration questions for the Russian fiancé or bride. However, there are also requirements for the British partner and your chances of reunification in the country of Foggy Albion will increase significantly if the host party will be a citizen or permanent resident (ILR) of the Kingdom, have their own residence and earn at least £18,600 a year.

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