Wife/Fiancée visa to the UK (settlement)

Wife/Fiancée visa to the UK (settlement)

This type of visa is for spouses of UK citizens. It is a migration visa and upon obtaining it, the holder is automatically issued with a Temporary Residence Permit (you will need to collect it at the chosen BRP collection point). The Wife/Fiancée Visa to the UK for Belarusians is issued for 1 month (in order for the visa holder to come to the UK, obtain their BRP card and be able to reside with their spouse on the basis of this card). This visa imposes certain financial requirements on the sponsor (UK citizen spouse) which must be met in order to obtain the visa.

List of documents required in order to apply for a visa
1) Applicant’s application form

2) Sponsor Application Form

3) Sponsorship form

4) English language test on A1 level of CEFR (Life skills test)

5) Tuberculosis test

6) Marriage certificate

7) Documents proving legal dissolution of previous marriages. OR a certificate from the Registry Office confirming their absence

8. Proof of employment and position

9) Photocopy of employment record book, certified by company. OR copy of employment contract.

10) Bank statement in applicant’s name

11) Birth certificates of minor children + copies of children’s passports (main page)

12) Copy of registration certificate of immovable property

13) Copy of technical passport of the car

14) Proof of authenticity of relationship:

– joint photos

– Screenshots of correspondence to confirm distance communication

– proof of trips together (airtickets, hotel reservations, etc.)

– proof of financial support (bank transfers, Western Union letterhead, etc.)

– Cards, checks, and any other evidence of your relationship

15) History of the relationship in chronological order in Russian

Documents from UK spouse
1) Free-form invitation letter

2) Copy of passport (main page)

3) Documents for residence (rental/purchase agreement, municipal bills)

4) Financial documents:

– a certificate from your employer stating the duration of employment, position and headcount)

– P60 form showing annual income (at least 18600 GBP before tax)

– Payslips for 6 months

– Bank statement for 6 months

There is a consular fee of $2063 and National Insurance IHS (600 GBP) for this visa.

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